DESERT SECURITY SERVICES LTD is a registered security firm and operates within the Government Legislated Security Policies within the Republic of Kenya. Since its inception in 1999 and subsequent incorporation in the year 2002 as a Limited Liability Company, desert has consistently developed customized product lines/security services that are unique and have superior quality and relative advantage in the security industry... DS has cultivated high level and personal customer/Client-Relationships with all customers/potential prospects by strengthening its vertical coordination to reinforce its brand loyalty and brand meaning among customers. DS has consistently pursued continuous innovation and technological leapfrogging in developing customer-centred security services to satisfy target customer needs in the security industry.

Mission and Vision Statement

  • To be the ultimate security solution provider in the globe by providing exceptionally premier quality and uniquely superior security services, while maintaining high levels of integrity, professionalism, work etiquette, respect for diversity and human right principles/values in its broadest sense.
  • We are committed to providing unrivalled uniquely superior and premier quality security services that intrinsically stem proliferation of crime and foster crime prevention and reduction in the society as well as to establish technology-based mechanisms for mapping and eradicating crime syndicates in a bid to create a crime free society.


Our philosophy

Continuous strengthening of our customer/Client-Relationships, by providing services that meet customer expectations, and help reinforce customer equity and loyalty. To achieve this gaol, DS conducts a comprehensive and coherent security audit and mapping of customers’ premises prior to deployment of guards to identify the potential risk factors, nature, scale, frequency and dynamics of security threats, as well as establish baseline information on security risk factors, analyze prevention opportunities, and provide strategic security measures to be adapted in the premises.


Desert Security Guards


continuous innovation and technological leapfrogging in developing customer-centred security services